Measure Performance

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Measure and Analyze Online Visitor Behavior

Most businesses wouldn’t dream of making a major expenditure without first looking at recent bank balances and ledgers to determine the financial viability of the purchase. And yet, most companies “drive blind” when it comes to their website strategy. Your online presence is a very important investment in the marketing and branding of your company and your marketers, hosting provider or IT department should be providing traffic statistics/analytics tools for measurement and accountability of website performance.

Most of these tools provide excellent visibility into online browsing behavior that can guide you in developing and improving visitor traffic, SEO, web page content and conversion rates. Available statistics include measurement of visitor activity, traffic sources and referrals from links, web page and visitor navigation patterns, conversion trends and even predictive analytics that can identify early buying signals.

Measuring Your Website Strategy

Without web site analytics tools, you are simply guessing about how to improve your online presence. In fact, you could even be doing harm to your website and search engine performance if you’re not measuring and analyzing traffic activity on a regular basis and following a solid strategy.

Not only can WebEchoes help you understand website performance statistics and analytics, but we can provide detailed analysis that will help improve your site’s user experience, SEO and conversion on a continuous basis.