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Provide Content That Potential Buyers Are Looking For

Even your best efforts to get more of the right people to your website could be wasted if visitors don’t see what they’re looking for once they get there. Online behavioral research has revealed the “8-second rule”, which suggests that most visitors will “bounce”, or immediately leave your domain, if they don’t see what they’re looking for on a web page within about 8 seconds. So how do we know what your potential buyers are looking for and how do we make sure that they see it within 8 seconds?

WebEchoes can help you engage visitors (potential buyers) by performing expert keyword research that reveals what your target market is searching for.

This valuable market research not only tells us what will attract the right visitors via search engines, but also what engages visitors when they browse your site. If you attract visitors to your site with one message, but present a different message when they arrive, research suggests that they will bounce!

Typically, website content is written in a vacuum without much regard for how visitors got there or even what they’re interested in, presenting the message that the company wants to say, not really knowing if this is what the target market really cares about. Keyword research helps us to know what the market is interested in – with real data to support our conclusions. We live in an online age where the marketer no longer dictates the terms of communication. If we don’t give the market what they want in the online world, we lose!

If you want your website visitors to see what they’re really looking for within 8 seconds, you had better let your keyword research influence the most obvious text and visual aspects of your web page, such as the navigation, headings, visuals and even the organizational structure of your site. We have found that this is extremely beneficial when you are trying to engage visitors.

At WebEchoes, we use this unique, search-centric approach to strategically determine what your target market cares about and SEO copywriting techniques to attract and engage the right kind of visitors.