Search Engine Optimization

The B2B Digital Marketing Strategists


A Well Rounded B2B SEO Program

You may have invested in an SEO program a few years ago, which is great! However, everything changes in the world that we live in. Digital marketing is not immune from this. In fact, we are probably one of the most effected industries. Our entire existence is to help YOU show up more frequently throughout search engines, which are literally changing every second.

We stay at the top of our game by spending ample amounts of time researching our own industry and following industry leaders so that we can make sure that YOU are gaining ground in your digital marketing strategy. We believe in strong content strategies to help your website earn quality links to industry influencers.

Today’s SEO includes:

  • Improved Site Structure & Navigation
  • Strong, Relevant Content
  • Blog Posts
  • Link Earning
  • De-Bugging Links
  • Social Media
  • Mobile Friendly Web Designs
  • Citation Management
  • Paid Ads (no joke. We mean it.)

And we do it all!

Does SEO still work?

YES! ABSOLUTELY! If done correctly, SEO still works.

However, SEO is no longer a tactic, it is a strategy. Many people still believe that SEO success looks like top rankings on Google. This is only partially true. A top search ranking will not help your business unless…

  • The ranked keyword/phrase is searched frequently enough to draw measurable website traffic
  • It attracts the right searchers who are interested in what you’re offering
  • The searchers who “land” on your site become engaged, with the potential to take a desired action

Sorry, but you don’t get paid for simply ranking #1 in a Google search. SEO success is measured by increased organic search traffic from visitors who engage and ultimately convert.

So what does SEO look like?